Module 2 – Nature in Place

The Nature in Place module introduces students to concepts and strategies that can be applied to embed nature when conducting placemaking projects. It responds to the gap identified where, regardless of the large benefit of nature to our physical and mental wellbeing, placemaking projects tend to detach from nature.

This module begins by introducing us to the overarching benefits of nature, biophilia and the importance of considering socio-ecological systems in processes aiming to create a strong sense of place. Then, it introduces a model that, working alongside the 5P framework, can help the placemaker facilitate community reflection on their relationship with the natural environment and incorporate biodiversity into their initiatives.

Objectives of the Module

– To discuss and establish the role of nature in placemaking
– To introduce the importance of the socio-ecological system
– To provide tools through which to improve the ability to integrate nature in the process of placemaking

Key resources

The materials below are intended to support academics in embracing the materials created to teach the fundamentals of people in place. These should form a basis for you own subject, we suggest customising it with your own case studies and materials. Placemaking is context specific so inserting case studies, images and information from your area will make the content come to life.

Videos (Supporting Material)

In this short video we introduce the benefits of integrating nature into place and discuss the importance of building a relationship between community, individuals and built environments to natural spaces.

Activities conducted by the consortium as part of this project are funded by The Myer Foundation.

The Myer Foundation