Module 5 – The role and values of Local Government and Developer Engagement in ‘Place’

This module begins with the premise that local government and developers are key stakeholders in placemaking projects and initiatives. However for communities, it is often difficult to communicate what they want to achieve and why these procurers of place should support their initiative.

The first step is to understand what value the communities place in ‘placemaking’ this module begins by outlining how the role of these stakeholders has expanded in recent years placing pressure in delivering more with less resources. Therefore, they value placemaking initiatives as they help them to achieve their  various responsibilities in creating, enhancing and managing good quality places and when the activity works within, or extends, they have the capacity to address their responsibilities.

Objectives of the Module

– the role of local government and developers in placemaking;
– the value of placemaking to local government and developers; and
– the capacity of local government and developers to enhance and constrain placemaking.

Key resources

The materials below are intended to support academics in embracing the materials created to teach the fundamentals of people in place. These should form a basis for you own subject, we suggest customising it with your own case studies and materials. Placemaking is context specific so inserting case studies, images and information from your area will make the content come to life.

Videos (Supporting Material)

For this session, we created multiple short videos based on 5 interviews with practitioners. Please note that these interviews are also used by module 10 and while, some videos may overlap, there are also some that explore aspects that are unique to this module. For this module, we take a look at the perspectives of these five professionals around:

• What do you see as your organisation’s role in placemaking?
• What does your organisation see as the value of placemaking or what do you think developers/council see as the value of placemaking?
• What advice would you share with someone who wanted to partner with or approach a developer or council with a placemaking proposal?

Hear from Ben Kent, from the project Inglewood on Beaufort talks about the community’s role in placemaking, the value of placemaking and key advice on working with local government as informed by his perspectives as a community member. Then, hear from Dean Cracknell, the CEO of Town Team Movement as he introduces the project, explores the role of this organisation in placemaking, the value they give to placemaking and provides some of his insights.
Joining us through a local government perspective to leadership, hear from Callum Prior, from City of Wanneroo and Emma Snow, from City of Bayswater, talking about the role of the local government (Callum: Emma: ), the value of having councils involved in placemaking (Callum:, Emma: and their advice on working with councils (Callum:, Emma:

Lastly, looking at placemaking leadership from a placemaking consultant, hear from Carla Chatzopoulos from Element as she role of consultants in placemaking, the value of placemaking and some advice on working with councils.

Activities conducted by the consortium as part of this project are funded by The Myer Foundation.

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